Privacy Policy

Yes folks, we actually have one!

The Basics
The Wontonway is a site designed to entertain you. It by no means exists to steal your money or identity. There are no ulterior motives at play here. We just like to make websites, and apparently you like to view them. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, and that's just the way we like it.

Information Gathering
We at the Wonton Way rarely ask you for any information about yourself. Frankly we really don't care. Occasionally we might ask you for your email or address if we are having a contest or something, but this is always provided with your consent. If you give us any information, we will only use it for the site. It will never be sold or released to anyone else. However we do reserve the right to publish anything you send us on the site. So if you submit something or take part in a contest, anything you send us may show up on the site.
The Wonton Way uses a tracker from This tracker tells us how many people visit the site, and allows us to monitor its growth. Certain statistics about our users are gathered as well, such as where they came from and how big their computer screen is. Again, this information is never sold. We use it to see who is linking to us, and to make sure our content is tailored to the computers our visitors are using. If you'd like to read's privacy policy, it is located at
We hate it. With a passion. We'll never spam you, as long as you never spam us.
Cookies are little text files that are stored on your computer, that a particular website can access. You probably have hundreds you don't know about. They can only be accessed by the website that created them. They are used to store information that a website can use to customize its pages to you. The Wonton Way does not use cookies, though it's possible that some of our affiliates or third parties do.
If anything is not clear, please email