A Collection of Annoying Noises

Some people just don't seem to understand great music. Most can't see the melodic beauty in the static from a TV or a phone left off the hook. Only the truly gifted can detect the true rhythm behind nails on a chalkboard. Here at the Wonton Way, we were shocked when some people said these noises were "annoying"! So we created a sanctuary for the few people that feel there is a unparrelled beauty in these noises:

If you use a dialup connection, be patient

Nails On Chalkboard
The old tried-and-true!

Phone Left Off the Hook
The beautiful, melodic sound of a phone off the hook.

TV Static
The wonderous sound of TV static!

Wrong Number
A personal favorite

Something Played Way Out of Tune
If this isn't infuriating, we're not sure what is

Call us vulgar, but this one's practically required.

Speaker Feedback
Heard at cheap plays and public gathering nationwide