The Death of a Check Card

Recently, we at the Wonton Way were deeply saddened when we recieved a letter from our bank. Attached to this letter was a brand new check card. It said very simply, "This is your new check card. Please destroy your old one immediately." At first we were reluctant. Our old green visa checkcard had served us well for over a year, allowing us to purchase online our domain name and hosting, several fine pieces of useless junk from, all the various valves and other gizmos that went into the air cannon, and several more illicit purchases we will not relate on this 'family friendly' website. However when a multinational corporation orders us to destroy something, we take them very very seriously. So it was with understandably heavy hearts that we set about wrapping the old card with explosives. Without further ado, we present for your viewing pleasure this tribue to our faithful old Visa, The Death of a Check Card:

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