A Look Into the Mind of a Teacher

We at the Wonton Way recently recieved an email from an actual teacher. After long hours of careful study and analysis, we discovered some important things about the inner workings of their brains. The results were troubling, sometimes downright terrifying. Here are our shocking conclusions, scroll down if you dare.

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If you are still alive, please read on. No we are not kidding. We have actually done the impossible. We have found a cool teacher. We will not discolse her name, because it could cause her to be fired on account of being un-teacher-like, but we can include some of the things she wrote to us:

What I say: Please make an effort to get to class on time.

What I mean: If you don't get your butts to class on time, I'm going to throw an extra quiz in next week.

What I say: That's an interesting point of view on the subject.

What I mean: I have no idea on God's green earth, what you are talking about.