Air Cannon Mark 2; The Peace-Buster

GOAL: Build a vehicle mounted air cannon capable of launching full soda cans over 200 yards

We at the Wonton Way would like to take a moment to inform the less cultured among us of the existence of a sport which requires even less physical exertion than golf. We are referring, of course, to the brand new sport of Soda Chucking. The goal of the sport is simple; buy several boxes worth of store-brand soda (Safeway Select, Acme Brand, any other variety not fit for human consumption) and throw it at stuff. Upon impact, the pressure in the cans and the low quality of the aluminum combine to make a very satisfying explosion.

Soon after joining the ranks of those who chuck soda professionally, we at the Wonton Way noticed a severe limitation in the sport. The human arm can only throw a soda can 15 or 20 feet. If we ever wanted to truly succeed, we needed mechanical advantage on our side! So, we at the Wonton Way set out to build an air cannon capable of performing the task of throwing soda cans for us.

The result was a vehicle mounted cannon constructed of 4 inch diameter, pressure tested PVC, sporting a 2 inch valve and a 3 inch wide, 5 foot long barrel, nicknamed Peace-Buster. After extracting it from our basement shop (with much difficulty and the utterance of many naughty words), we mounted it atop our faithful Jeep Cherokee.

Driving to an idyllic spot along the Skuykill River,

we set about putting Peace-Buster through its paces...

Peace-Buster Field Test

Watch the Movie, Click Here!

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