Super Pneumatic Egg Roll Cannon

GOAL: Build an air powered cannon that can fire an egg roll at 60mph

If anyone could get a small Chinese side dish to penetrate 1/4 inch of plywood, it would be the Wonton Way. It was with that knowledge that we embarked on a mission to build an air powered cannon to fire egg rolls. We knew it would be hard, we knew it would be risky, and we knew it would involve scarry words like "solenoid", but we at the Wonton Way were up to the challenge.

After several hours at Sears, most of which we spent dueling with screw drivers and ringing every doorbell in the doorbell section, we had all the necessary pieces to build the cannon. Here are some pictures of it, and what it can do:

There's the cannon itself. In the background, you can see the compressor we hooked it up to.

The ammo, frozen mini egg rolls.



See the cannon in action, on video!

Watch Now, Click Here!