Swirly Chair Racing Game

It fills workplaces and schools all across America. The temptation to try it is uncontrollable. Many who do try it are severely disciplined by their teachers or bosses. No, we're not referring to drugs. We mean, of course, Swirly Chair Racing. Anyone who has ever been issued a chair with wheels will sit in it for about a nanosecond before the radical thought crosses his mind "Hey, I bet I could push this thing pretty fast..." Because these chairs CAN be pushed pretty fast, they can cause a lot of damage to themselves and the things around them. Most people who have dared to race a swirly chair have discovered this fact the hard way. Well we at the Wonton Way got tired of never being able to race real swirly chairs, so naturally we created a virtual version of this great sport. Here it is, the Wonton Way Swirly Chair Racing Game: