The Inroduction of a New Wonton

Hello friends! We're sure you've seen our symbol; we do plaster it all over our site, our advertisements, and just about everything we own. It is the Super Duper Wonton.

What is it you ask? Well to tell the truth, we have absolutely no idea. This great and holy thing was created when one of us was REALLY bored in school, and resorted to doodleing. Because this occurs so often, we have never been able to trace the creation of this symbol to an exact date.

Recently, during one of these doodleing sessions, one among us created a new Wonton. However, this Wonton was different. It became evident that it was not normal. In fact, this Wonton was pure evil. We decided to name it the Evil Wonton.

See the Movie, the Introduction of a New Wonton!

Siskel and Ebert give it 2 thumbs down!
The New York Times raves "We've never even heard of this!"

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