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Very soon after creating this site, we at the Wontonway realized that our vast server power was total overkill. Most of the stuff we put on our site consists of random pictures, little text blurbs, and low-quality, poorly shot videos. Even after these things were posted on the internet in their full glory for all the world to see, we had plently of space left over. Being the gracious and charitable people that we are, we at the Wonton Way began to give this space to those who needed it. In no time at all, the Wonton Way had acquired a veritable army of freeloaders, soaking up our excess bandwidth and clogging our server with packet upon packet of semi relevant content. So in order to lend a helping hand to those who host their stuff with us, and profit from their banner exposures, we at the Wonton Way have introduced this section, Hosted @ Wonton. Here you can browse through the collection of moochers whose content calls the Wonton Way home.

The sites and files listed below are not maintained by the staff of, and we are not responsible for their content


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