We Throw a Computer Out a Third Story Window

Anyone who works with a computer will eventually have the urge to throw it out the nearest window. This could we brought on by the computer freezing when you are on the last sentence of a paper you didn't save. It could be after getting the Dreaded Blue Screen of Death for the 10 millionth time. Because you are reading this, you didn't destroy your computer. It got you, and you had no way to get it back. Now it's sitting there on your desk LAUGHING AT YOU. Well, we at the Wonton Way got tired of letting the computer win. We decided that the only way to settle the score was to carry out this age old fantasy. Here it is, Us Throwing a Computer Out a Third Story Window:

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We'd like to thank Andrew Herman for donating the computer, and mlindsey of http://www.freewebs.com/tsforum/ for donating 5000 advertising credits