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The 5 Scariest Things About Your Computer

Computers bring out many emotions in us humans. Annoyance, Anger, Fear, Rage, and every once and awhile, Happiness. Anyone who has ever used a computer understands how terrifying it can be to get an error message thats says something like "Warning! Hard drive crashing. Please correct problem within 5 seconds or your computer will explode." They also know how annoying it is to find that their computer doesn't have enough RAM to handle the callosal number of popup ads thrown its way. So here is a section of the Wonton Way devoted to the scariest and most annoying aspects of computing:

The Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

Imagine this: You're busily multitasking, finishing a school project, writing a letter to your best friend, and managing your checkbook. You get so involved that you don't save your work. Everything is going fine until it appears...

The Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

You know that there's no hope for your work. Once the blue screen appears, you have little choice but to restart your computer.
There really isn't any way to tell when the DBSOD is coming. There is no way to stop it. This unpredictability and invulnerability earns the DBSOD the 5th place in the Wonton Way 5 Scariest Things About Your Computer

Plug Overload

There is one problem with computers (actually there are millions, but this is a big one). The room where you put your computer has an outlet. The outlet has 2 sockets. Your computer has a plug. Your monitor has a plug. Your printer has a plug. Your speakers have a plug. Your scanner has a plug. Your modem has a plug. The list goes on. This presents a big problem: Where do you plug in all the plugs? The solution most people choose is to use an adapter, or in most cases, MANY adapters all plugged in to one adapter. This results in a huge mass of adapters and plugs all centered around your poor, puny outlet. This setup has 2 problems. It could start a fire, and everytime you plug it in, you have to worry that it will overload the local nuclear power plant, causing it to melt down.

Error Messages

Are we really supposed to look at a message like the one above and go "Oh I see, the ACL denied me access! Now I understand the problem!" Instead, most of us just roll our eyes, grit our teeth, and pay someone who knows what they're doing to fix the problem.

Popup Ads

Does your taskbar look like this after about 30 seconds of surfing? That's what popup ads will do to you. The annoyingness of this is pretty self explanatory.

The Wonton Way!

Need we say more?