Infest the Internet Project

We all hate banner ads. That's a well known fact. They usually say something like "Click Here or Your Computer Will Explode!!!" We all know from experience that whether we click there or not, our computer will be fine. Unless we throw it out our window. Well we at the Wonton Way got tired of these unappealing, generic, and overall useful banner ads. We decided the only choice was to fight back. So we created this ad:

It's useless, and it looks really, really ugly at the top of almost any website.

Here's where you come in. We need your help to spread it all over the internet. You can do this simply by clicking on this banner:

For every click, the Wonton banner infests 10 websites. For every time you see this banner, the Wonton banner infests 1 other website. You can set this page to you start page by clicking here. That way, whenever you start your browser the Wonton Banner will infest 1 other website. Keep coming back here and clicking. The total infested pages will be displayed on the homepage and will be updated weekly.