The Pin

As you've no doubt gathered, we at the Wonton Way are extremely powerful, politically important people. Only our young ages and tendency to produce Dean-like noises on a regular basis have held us back from election to public office. Despite these political barriers, we at the Wonton Way were recently invited to listen to Al gore and several local canidates talk about pressing issues like traffic they encountered on the way to the venue, and how much they despise the republicans. Naturally we were delighted, and came fully prepared to wave small American flags at Al Gore in order to revitalize the economy and prevent terrorism. Upon our arrival, we were dismayed to learn that A. They would not be issuing small American flags and B. Al Gore is not technically president of the United States. You can imagine our disappointment.

Luckily, we were issued something. Pictured below is a pin for democratic candidate Joe Hoeffel. Not only is it obviously off-center, it is also upside down. The top of the pin proudly proclaims, "Produced by Volunteer Labor", further proof that in the United States, you get what you pay for.